Wedding and Anniversary Cakes
Wedding cakes start at $2.95 per slice for basic decoration.  Depending
on the amount of time needed for extra embellishment, the price may
increase.  Most cake flavors and fillings will be in the $2.95/slice
range.  However, fresh fruit and certain other considerations will also
increase the cost per slice.

Delivery is free within the Gunnison area, and available to other areas
outside Gunnison for a transportation fee, based on distance and ease of

Cakes can be stacked or tiered or a combination and will be set up at
your reception site.  

Some suggestions for cake flavors are:  traditional white, chocolate,
yellow, marble, carrot, red velvet, lemon, lemon poppy seed, almond
poppy seed, mocha, cheese cake, German chocolate.  Just about any flavor
is a possibility.

Filling choices are just as varied.  Raspberry has been popular; other
considerations include ganache (a rich chocolate like the center of a
truffle), chocolate or vanilla pastry cream, mousse, fresh fruit, apricot,
strawberry, etc.  Each layer can have different cake flavors and fillings,
but I do suggest the icing be the same over the entire cake.  

Icing is vanilla flavored buttercream (almond is also available) which
can be colored, white or ivory.
 Ganache is an option for chocolate icing.I
do not work with fondant icings.  While it looks great in photos, it dries
hard and is difficult to cut at serving time.  Most people find it too sweet
to be palatable as well.  

The fine print:  A deposit of half down, due at booking, will reserve your date.  If the purchase
is less than $100.00, the cake must be paid for in full.  The balance will be due one month
before the event.  The full deposit amount will be refundable up until one month before the
event.  After this time it is non-refundable.  A contract will be signed at the time of booking.

Payment is by cash, check or money order.  In order to keep my prices affordable, I am no
longer accepting credit cards.

Any questions?  Call Lynn at 970-275-6682 or e-mail at: